Our Services for:

Art enthusiastic and Decorators

If you require a rare and unique design

If you are an artist, or you have an artistic idea in mind, we can provide you with the design and fabrication on metal. No matter what it is, we have an artistic team working with us that can bring your idea to reality. Please do not hesitate to contact with us. 

interior design

If you are an interior/exterior designer

Are you am interior or exterior designers and want to do different jobs? You can use from our pattern library or put an order for us to! 

Phygital Products

Phygital, yes! it is not a spelling error! In Morshedi, we can manufacture your product in Phygital. It means that you can sell your design as NFT or make it to real product for the buyers who like to collect it. If you are a designer and want to sell an art collection in phygital, containing metal, consult with us.