Our Services

For Industries (B2B)

Sheet Metal Lasercut Services

Morshedi provides companies across a number of industries with industrial CNC laser cutting services for sheet metal parts. We could cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals up to 15 mm thickness. If you require designing a part or prepare its drawing, we could assist you.

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Pipe & Profile Lasercut services

Cutting pipes and profiles could be challenging. Our machinery can make it easy for you. Morshedi can provide you with pipe and different profile cuts based on your own design and requirement or just form our pattern library. 

Precision, Quality and on-time Delivery

Our core values in Morshedi commits us to provide our clients with the premium quality, on-time delivery and precision based on agreed requirements. 

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Our Capabilities

Sheet Metals

We support steel cutting up to 15 mm, stainless steel up to 8mm. For other metals, please contact us.


The maximum diameter of pipes we can cut is 350 mm. Thickness for steel is up to 15 mm, for other metals and alloys please consult with us.


Morshedi can cut different types of rectangular, U-profiles and others. If you have a specific profile for cutting, please contact us.

A-Z Services


If you have a product, we can provide you with the A-Z services starting form lasercut to other services required.


Bending services based on your requirements. Please send us your design and we provide you with the solution.

Welding & Fabrication

Welding, finishing and fabrication services are parts of any metal products, we can assist you on that.