Panels, Dividers and Fences


Laser Cut Metal Sunshades – Shade and Style for Outdoor Areas

Add aesthetic appeal to your exterior spaces with laser cut metal sunshades. Morshedi Laser Cutting Services designs and fabricates intricately cut metal panels to create decorative sunshades that provide shade from the harsh sun while enhancing the look of your parking lots, villas, courtyards and walkways.

Our metal sunshades are made from high quality sheet metals like painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel  that are resistant to weathering and corrosion. Precision laser cutting technology is used to cut custom patterns, geometric shapes, floral designs or company logos into the metal panels as per your specifications. The cutouts and perforations filter sunlight and cast intricate shadows for an artistic touch.

Decorative Laser Cut Metal Fences

Enhance your spaces with the visual appeal of laser cut metal fences and dividers from Morshedi Laser Cutting Services. Our expert metal fabricators leverage precision laser cutting technology to create intricate cutouts and patterns in aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and brass sheets as per your design specifications.

Laser cut metal fences and dividers offer an upscale look with diffused shadows and a contemporary feel. Use them to:

  • Boundary fences and gates: Laser cutting enables us to cut your company logo or name into the metal for an elegant fence that also acts as signage for your property. Floral cutouts or geometric patterns transform ordinary fences into a decorative boundary feature.
  • Privacy partitions: Perforated metal panels with small cutouts provide partial visibility while obscuring the view. They act as a stylish alternative to concrete or wooden privacy dividers.

Decorative Laser Cut Metal Dividers & Guards

Laser cut metal dividers and guards offer an upscale look with diffused shadows and a contemporary feel. Use them to:

  • Balcony barriers: Laser cut metal railings and balustrades with jagged or curved cutouts form an artistic safety barrier for balconies, decks and landings.
  • Interior room dividers: Laser cut metal screens create a stylish divide between rooms or sections in an office space, restaurant, museum or shopping area.
  • Facade sunshades: Decorative aluminum panels with cutouts for windows help control light and reduce heat entering your building premises while adding a design element to the facade.
  • Elevator partitions: Brushed steel or copper divider panels with perforations inside elevators provide an upscale finish and relaxing ambiance.

Sample Designs