SAHARA Pergola

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SAHARA Pergola

Experience the allure of the desert with the Sahara model pergola. Crafted from premium materials, this pergola offers customizable dimensions and colors, complete with optional ambient lighting for a serene outdoor sanctuary.

sahara pergola

Product Description

The Sahara model pergola is an embodiment of elegance and resilience, drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of the desert. Constructed with the finest aluminum or steel, it promises durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any outdoor setting.
Tailor the Sahara to your unique space with customizable sizes and a palette of colors that echo the natural hues of the desert landscape. The optional inside lighting feature adds a layer of sophistication, casting a soft glow that transforms your pergola into an inviting retreat, day or night.
Whether it’s a tranquil corner for quiet reflection or a vibrant space for social gatherings, the Sahara model pergola adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring that every moment outdoors is imbued with comfort and style. Embrace the spirit of the Sahara and make your outdoor living space a testament to refined taste and timeless design.


Discover the epitome of outdoor sophistication with the Morshedi’sPergola, a harmonious blend of traditional Arabic artistry and contemporary design. This pergola is meticulously crafted to be the focal point of your garden, patio, or terrace, offering a luxurious escape from the everyday.


  • Height: 2.5 meters – providing ample headroom for a comfortable seating area.
  • Width: 3 meters – spacious enough to accommodate a variety of outdoor furniture arrangements.
  • Depth: 3 meters – ensuring a generous area for entertainment or relaxation.


  • Structure: High-grade aluminum or steel – known for its strength, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Finish: Powder-coated in a rich, dark hue – for a sleek look and additional protection against the elements.
  • Roof: Ornate metal latticework – featuring a complex floral pattern that not only adds beauty but also allows for dappled sunlight to filter through.

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